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Quick Introduction

Imagine having many indicators and you're waiting for multiple events to occur before entering a trade

You have to stay in front of the chart and to set alerts for each of those events. It could become very exhausting quickly and this might lead to committing mistakes. As you know, mistakes in trading generally mean you're losing some money - and 1 mistake (combined with poor money/risk management) is enough to lose most of your trading capital.

We all lived such even a few times during our trading lifetime. It's the end of the day, we're tired and we still decide to take that last trade because we think the opportunity is too excellent not to be taken. But, at that time, our mind is foggy and we don't think as clearly as we used to a few hours ago. One thing leading to another, we might lose all the gains of the previous trading sessions.

A tool to detect the convergence of unrelated indicators

We made years ago the Algorithm Builders and Utilities for ourselves as we identified quite a few obstacles during our trading journey :

Issue #1 - There are many informations / indicators / strategies / backtests / gurus / noise and....some claim that trading is "easy"

Solution #1 - Trading has to be a strong passion and not a way to get rich quickly. A capital has to be built-up progressively and with proper risk/money management.
A reliable system that removes the external noise is much needed in trading to stay "in the game".

Issue #2 - It could be quite stressful

The majority doesn't lose in trading because technical analysis is hard but because managing our psychology and stress is one of the hardest things a human can do.

Solution #2 - Some ways to reduce the "trading" stress could be:

- getting better quality signals
- reducing the position sizes
- reducing the leverage

Issue #3 - Trading without strict rules and only based on what we feel or what we think the market should do is the fastest way to kiss your money goodbye.

Only 1 indicator generally is not enough. We generally use a combination of several indicators but we're monitoring them individually.

It would be expected to be very exhausted at the end of the day ^^ (to say the least)... and exhaustion leads to mistakes which leads to..... (I'm sure you got it) ... capital loss.

Solution #3 - First, a trader needs a trading framework and a method. We offer our Best Trading Indicator™ trading method but they're plenty others out there. We cannot claim it's the best among all script vendors ....but let's say we're using those exact same scripts ourselves for our trading. And this what we 've been recommending our clients to trade with for the past years. On a second time, having a tool detecting the convergence of several indicators and giving 1 unique signal for BUY/SELL position will save you a lot of time/energy and perhaps might avoid your capital to be lost. That's exactly why we thought about creating the Algorithm Builder detecting the convergence of indicators and based on our trading method.

Issue #4 - Listening to self-acclaimed trading gurus and following their trades blindly. They claim they're winning with each one of their trades but.... whenever we take theirs, we lose

Solution #4 - We did the same mistakes as well so we're not judging here. We have to get that slap in the face once to understand that the only one to trust to take the final trading decision is YOU.
We're not "trading gurus" either but we offer you guys a 3 weeks FREE Trial to let us prove we might be different (and hopefully better) than our competition.

Are you guaranteed to win significant using those indicators? Short answer: Absolutely NO (or to shoot ourselves in the foot ^^) but... please read carefully the content below.

These indicators are not magical at all but we made them because we wanted to solve one of the MAIN issues encountered by traders. They quickly realize they can't perform with only 1 indicator (or 1 price pattern or 1 price action) and need a combination of multiple indicators before getting in a trade. 

They provide a robust framework giving you a lot of room to design trading signals that make sense. 

Connecting the Algorithm Builders to an automated system

We're very aware of the solutions capturing the TradingView alerts and using them to take trades automatically. Short story short, if you go with this way of trading, please be very careful as it's usually more dangerous to trust a trading bot rather than yourself.

What we guarantee with our offering

We'll never guarantee trading performance for obvious reasons. First, those are indicators and not trading bots. Meaning you'll be the ones taking the trades and you'll need some practice before mastering those tools. That's why we're offering a 2 weeks 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE because we don't want you to feel you're taking a risk investing on our solutions.

However, we guarantee 100% that if you're dedicated to learning how to use them and read our documentation, then you'll gain a massive amount of time. Imagine being able to design trading systems including multiple buy/sell signals per trend, supports/resistances, a trade manager and a risk/reward panel.
We're convinced the value you'll get is immense but, once again, those tools won't work if you're not dedicated. 

The different "kinds" of Algorithm Builders

We never hid it - our specialty is trading index (DOW JONES, DAX, SPX500, ...). I've been trading those for the past 8 years using the tools I'm offering you today. That's exactly the kind of tools we've been developing for traders all those years
Those are based on our trading method but stay flexible so that you can adjust the inputs based on your capital, psychology, asset, and timeframe.
Each of our Algorithm Builder is unique and has really helpful built-in features:
For more details and pricing please visit our Pricing page

- BEST Algorithm Builder Frameworks

These "non-flexible" Algorithm Builders are based on our proprietary trading method. 
Changing any parameter would result in breaking the whole logic, and will prevent the signals from being as great as they are right now. These Algorithm Builders are offered for our VIP users

Those ones are true gems and the result of many years of experience trading.

- Algorithm Builder Multiple Trends

You can detect two trends here. The main trend using a specific convergence and a secondary trend using another convergence. In other words, you'll get a primary entry and will define re-entries as long as they're in the same direction of your main trend
This will provide you more opportunities and brings a whole new dimension to your trading system design

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