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We're not licensed financial advisors. That's why we're only here sharing trading scripts based on our trading methods. Sharing some trading scripts and a trading method doesn't mean we're giving you explicit financial recommendations. Please read our Disclaimer entirely before reading the content below.
In all of our articles and our external publications, we'll often use verbs at the restricted mode (like "may"/"might"/"could"/...) and say we won't guarantee any performance results. We do so only from a regulatory compliance perspective but we 100% believe in what we're offering to our customers - we believe so much in those tools that.. we've been using them for our trading for 5+ years (=>that's how a trading script seller should act - using theirs tools for himself first and foremost).

From complicated systems to simple ones

We worked with many traders during our career and the feedback is always the same. We all try a lot of complicated indicators, losing our capital and finally getting back to the basics (even to the basic indicators if we might say)
The art is finding a good combination of indicators and setting strict money/risk management rules. Easy in concept, but more than 95+% of traders lose money on the markets... which tells us that trading is not only about drawing trendlines or using cool indicators but finding ways to ease our psychology while trading.

Because what's killing someones' capital is often poor psychology - which could come from weak signals. And then, we have a dirty snow-ball effect leading to poor money and risk management.

Best Trading Indicator™ will help if you ever experienced one (or more) of the scenarios below during your trading journey: (all the events listed below are unrelated between them)

► It's Monday morning, you didn't trade during the whole weekend and you're in a hurry to take that 4 am trade from your bed
► Your entry was perfect but you exited your position too soon because you couldn't handle the pressure anymore
► A good friend told you that the more trades you take, the more gains you'll make. Hence, you're smashing that LONG/SHORT button all day long and end your day with a negative balance.
► You're buying a hyped asset because everyone else is buying it (i.e. Bitcoin in November 2017) and litteraly buying the TOP
► You got a significant loss (or more) and now you're in that "no action/doubt" state. You doubt so much and for so long that you don't trade anymore because you're scared.
There is no shame to have, we were in that situation too (and more than once) - All great traders experienced it for sure.

We're all on the same (trading) boat

Best Trading Indicator™ is born because a vast majority of traders suffer from the same pain points. We're traders ourselves and we spent the most of our careers building trading scripts for them - this gives us some legitimacy to create this website and offering you our work - coming from many years of trading experience/failures/sweat and tears.

Most of the traders have to face those obstacles/challenges but those issues have (not easy to follow) solutions

Issue #1 - There are many informations / indicators / strategies / backtests / gurus / noise and....some claim that trading is "easy"

Solution #1 - Trading has to be a strong passion and not a way to get rich quickly. Capital has to be built-up progressively and with proper risk/money management.
A reliable system that removes the external noise is much needed in trading to stay "in the game".

Issue #2 - It could be quite stressful

The majority doesn't lose in trading because technical analysis is hard but because managing our psychology and stress is one of the hardest things a human can do.

Solution #2 - Some ways to reduce the "trading" stress could be:

- getting better quality signals
- reducing the position sizes
- reducing the leverage

Issue #3 - Trading without strict rules and only based on what we feel or what we think the market should do is the fastest way to kiss your money goodbye.

Only 1 indicator generally is not enough. We generally use a combination of several indicators but we're monitoring them individually.

It would be expected to be very exhausted at the end of the day ^^ (to say the least)... and exhaustion leads to mistakes which leads to..... (I'm sure you got it) ... capital loss.

Solution #3 - First, a trader needs a trading framework and a method. We offer our Best Trading Indicator™ trading method but they're plenty others out there. We cannot claim obviously it's the best among all script vendors ....but let's say we're using those exact same scripts ourselves for our trading. And this what we 've been recommending our clients to trade with for the past years. On a second time, having a tool detecting the convergence of several indicators and giving 1 unique signal for BUY/SELL position will save you a lot of time/energy and perhaps might avoid your capital to be lost. That's exactly why we thought about creating the Algorithm Builder detecting the convergence of indicators and based on our trading method.

Issue #4 - Listening to self-acclaimed trading gurus and following blindly their trades. They claim they're winning with each one of their trades but.... whenever we take theirs, we lose

Solution #4 - We did the same mistakes as well so we're absolutely not judging here. We have to get that slap in the face once to understand that the only one to trust to take the final trading decision is YOU.
We're not "trading gurus" either but we offer you guys a some weeks to try our products for free to let us prove we might be different (and hopefully better) than our competition.

The Algorithmic trading way

What we 100% guarantee with our products

This part is vital. We value so much our brand and our relationship with our customers that we take great pride in being transparent and honest.
We are not selling/renting our scripts just because they look pretty. We know you gave us your hard-earned money to invest in tools that could give you a decent return-on-investment.

We strongly recommend reading our documentation, ask us questions if necessary also and play with the indicators a few days/weeks at least before trading with them.
And then, you can try them out on a DEMO account or on a LIVE account (with small position sizes) to validate whether your configuration works.

If a trader is not patient and dedicated, whatever the indicator/trading bot, he/she'll likely end up losing his/her capital.

Guarantee #1 - The Algorithm Builder will save you a lot of time
TradingView Signals DowJones m1 23 September

The Algorithm Builder allows designing trading systems quickly. What could takes you days/weeks/months to find out is now within your reach in less than 1 hour
Assuming our customers read our guides/articles/(and videos we'll be uploading soon) / asking questions if they're unsure of anything) and are fully committed learning a new way of trading - then we do guarantee you'll be able to design kick-ass trading systems that make sense

"Making sense" doesn't mean at all it's guaranteed to win, it means you define the convergence of indicators using your Algorithm Builder and you see that most of the time - whenever there is a BUY signal, the candlesticks are going upwards - whenever there is a SELL signal, it's going downwards.
This is a necessary step to make real progress from a trading analyst perspective - and hopefully could lead to profits.

Guarantee #2 - The Algorithm Builder will give some relief to your psychology

We will never say (or even think) our method is the best of all trading methods out there. However we've been trading with it and with those scripts for the past 6 years - we never changed our way of trading since then.
Trading with an algorithmic method allows us to remove the "noise" from the market (or Twitter ^^) and gives a framework to ease one's psychology.

From all our interactions with our followers, we learned that the apprentice traders not only want indicators but mostly a rock-solid trading method covering market scenarios such as (trending, ranging, avoiding fakeouts, ...) - giving a framework to manage your trades.
Far from being a magic pill, if it could at least reduce the stress you have while trading, then we'll consider we did a great job - it's a technical "useless noise remover" and needs to be followed strictly but still using your common sense. (for instance: if we get a BUY signal right on a daily resistance we're hitting for the first time)

Ease trading psychology
Guarantee #3 - It's hyper-flexible and very easy to use

There is a limitless a possible combinations and can be found only by updating 1 indicator (+ the related backtest engine eventually)

Guarantee #4 - the grind is fun

YES! we're all trading to make money and improve our lifestyle but looking for the more optimized way of doing it with the minimum efforts makes the whole grinding enjoyable.
One of our clients even told us that it's like playing with "Legos" and we couldn't possibly agree more. Mixing different bricks enable new trading ideas to arise.

Guarantee #5 - You'll be part of a community

We stand behind the sharing is caring ideology. We shared dozens of open-source scripts and methods because we wanted to give back to the community. And we'll keep sharing our knowledge with you to help you learn how to use our scripts. They're not that complicated anyway ^^

Tradingview feedbacks
Tradingview feedbacks
It's important to note that you're not alone. We'll be supporting our customers for all technical/scripts related questions. You also have access to our private community discord where everyone can share trading ideas/Algorithm Builder configurations between them.
We'll be active there also to help obviously as we plan to build a sizable international community around the Algorithm Builders

We're absolutely sure that many of you will find killer configurations for your indicators and we'll all learn from each other.

What we will never guarantee with our solutions

Guaranteed performance results

A gentle reminder that we're a company selling tools, helping you make better trading decisions. We're not (and no one should be) able to foresee the future, and guarantee any return-on-investment number.

If you accept us as, a technology company delivering solutions, that we designed to ease your trading psychology by helping to make better decisions, then we'll be happy to go a long way together, and see you improve day after day.
It's our indirect way of saying, that it's a bit of a leap of faith... but could reward you immensely.

Fully-automated trading bots

We're very aware of all existing solutions out there allowing us to capture the TradingView alerts (Instabot, ProfitView, ...) and forwarding them to the brokers to automatize your trading. Best Trading Indicator™ won't directly advise for or against this way of trading.
It all depends on your Algorithm Builder configuration and your capacity to manage the trades once they're opened.
In any case, with manual or fully automated trading, we recommend going slowly and step by step. Automated trading is known to be riskier - we know this because we're specialized in building such systems across many brokers.

Trading 100% automated bot

We wanted to invent a flexible and reliable trading method to trade like "machines".
Why do you think algorithmic trading exists? Perhaps it's because they're better than us - solely because they don't have that psychology component leading us weak (humans) to commit mistakes.

The funny part now... is most of those trading bots might work for quite some time and then........ the market/broker will change its "market-making" algorithm .....and the wonderful bots will lose all the previously accumulated gains (if any).
We've seen this scenario happening over and over, unfortunately.

Many want the magical trading bot right away without knowing the basics of trading, risk and money management.

If you disagree with us about the 100% automated trading bot, please be our guest, and show us a track record from a LIVE account for a period of at least 6 months.
We're not against trading bots at all. We use some but we monitor them - they enter alone, but then we manage how they should exit.
They're even days we won't even turn them on because we know the market won't give any opportunity (especially the days of major macro announcements)

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