Why Best Trading Indicator™ is made for you?

We realize that most (if not all) traders suffer from the same pain points:

1/ Trading is a real burden on traders psychology.

2/ it's time consuming.

3/ and could become really exhausting.

From that analysis, we decided to provide a framework, and trading tools to our customers. Those tools are not magical, but you should see them as a treasure map - to find a treasure, one need overcoming a few obstacles before finally finding the Graal.

More info available here: Why we created Best Trading Indicator™

What are the differences between the 3, 6 and 12 months packages

Within a PREMIUM subscription type, we added a subscription duration period  based on features incrementality.
A PREMIUM 12 month benefits from more indicators than a PREMIUM 6 months.

Do I need a TradingView PRO/PRO+ or PREMIUM?

No, but... we do recommend you to get one, since it will allow you to set up alerts for different assets with the script without having to keep an eye on it 24/7.

To enjoy our Plug&Play technology, and getting enough simultaneous alerts (10 with PRO, 30 with PRO+, 400 with PREMIUM) we recommend going for  the TradingView PRO+ or PREMIUM subscription types

By using our affiliation link, we'll both get 30$ off from TradingView

Why Best Trading Indicator isn't free?

We worked 7 years to build those trading methods and scripts.
Let's assume you are now in our shoes.

Would you give them for free?😉

Like yourselves, we run a business. And a business runs on revenue, expenses, and income taxes. After all that, what’s left is our salary that we bring home to our families.

So why don’t we offer the our scripts for really cheap or for free?

The reason is that it costs money (and an insane amount of time) to develop trading scripts.  We also make improvements to Best Trading Indicator scripts regularly, adding features and squashing out bugs that may come up from time to time.

We also are very present for the community and supporting all of our customers on a daily basis. Many other trading scripts/bots vendors leave the house or play dead whenever the magic pill doesn't work anymore.

We don’t like either of those practices and we like to be upfront with our customers (ie. you).

For these reasons, we’ve calculated that the amount we need to be in business is by offering those subscription/utilities prices. We know that learning a new method is not instantaneous - and that's why we offer a 3 FREE weeks trial for our audience to get acquainted with what we do the best (= developing trading algorithms based on strong convergences).

How to trade with Metatrader and the Algo Builder

It's impossible to make a custom Algorithm Builder natively on Metatrader platforms due to technical restrictions.
TradingConnector is a Google chrome extension forwarding the TradingView alerts to your Metatrader 4 or 5.

They do offer a trial period also 😉

How can I add a custom indicator?

Answered here: 

Adding a custom indicator

Using Best Trading Indicator versus coding your own system

If you’re looking for trading indicators, you’ve probably also considered coding it yourself. We think that Best Trading Indicator will save you time and money.

In hiring a developer to help you build a robust indicator, then backtest and strategy, you’ll likely spend tens of thousands of dollars and the end result will still not be as good as what Best Trading Indicator offers – out of the box.

And when you’re done, you’ll still need to pay check your trading idea is working on a LIVE account.
Not only we provide a robust trading framework but also a community to help out each other.

How do I get access to the Algorithm Builder ?

You can set an order on this website.

We’ll send you a confirmation email with the tutorial add the indicator to your tradingview chart. and even a few tips to setting it up right from the start 😊

Our visitors are strongly encouraged to read our guides/tutorials.

Tutorial videos are also available on Youtube : https://youtube.com/best-trading-indicator/

Do you offer some backtests/strategies?

Even better, we offer a generic way for you to connect any indicator to our PREMIUM Backtests Suites.

Paying thousands for a backtest is so 1995. Getting a generic tool working with any indicator brings trading to a whole new dimension.

More info here

Alerts (close vs once)

It really depends on the candle format and whats going on in the chart... to be 100% safe, please wait for candle closure for entries and hard exits.

For Take Profits and Stop loss, you may select the "once only" option to exit at a specific price.

How can I add custom alerts?

Answered here: 

Custom alerts tutorial

What if the indicator displays a red error

A lot of our scripts contain thousands of lines of codes, and might take a bit of time to get executed  a few rare times only.
If your internet network is not fast enough or there are some latencies, you might get the issue as shown on the left image.

To work around that on both Desktop and Mobile, you'll either need to :
- Click on the 👁️‍🗨️ (eye icon)
- or refresh the whole page (F5/Refresh icon on Desktop and the usual way to refresh a page on your mobile device)

More info here

How do I turn off the N/A’s in the Script ?

Go to settings (Right top of the chart) --> Background -->Untick Indicator values.

What if I want to use my own indicators in the Algorithm builder ?

This would be a custom dev and I’ll happily do it for you.

Let's add that most of our trading indicators and backtests, include a plug and play technology. This means you can plug your own indicator to our Algorithm Builders, and use it along the other indicators for detecting a custom convergence.

You'll find more info with the link below:

Why a plug & play system is awesome

My zoom goes far away when playing with the script settings and features! How do i fix that ?

To solve zoom issues, right click in the price axis --> scale to price only.

You may also need to play manually with the price scale located at the right of your TradingView

We provide some help in that video also:  

ZOOM and SCALING adjustments

How to install a custom indicator on TradingView

How can I cancel a subscription

The cancel feature is available in your profile page.

When you subscribe or buy some indicator(s), for the first time only, you'll receive an additional email, inviting you to create an account on our website.

Once done, you'll see the Cancel Subscription link. The workflow to cancel is smooth and easy.

Because, we respect and love our customers.
We don't want to hold them against their will.

Upgrade/Downgrade a subscription

Time of writing: Jan 2nd, 2020

This only needs a few clicks and should be done in minutes seamlessly

1. Log-in to the website and go to your profile page

2. Click on Upgrade my subscription and follow the guided process explained at each step

Refund Policy

Our refund policy is explained here

How many trials may I get access to

We offer 1 trial per account.

Once used, it's not possible to get or request another one.

More info here

Subscriptions versus Utilities

Subscriptions scripts are only available for renting.

Utilities are available for one-time payment only, and available forever. No ending data for those, unlike the subscriptions.

Hide your chart settings

Note: If you become a subscriber you will be given a private subscription key, We highly recommend changing your chart settings through

Settings > Status Line > Indicator Arguments

and 'unchecking' the Indicator arguments check box. This will hide your product key from the public when posting new ideas or indicators within TradingView.

Why my alerts aren't working?

When the settings change, the alerts already created aren't updated automatically.

If you change any settings, you'll have to delete the alert(s) related to that setting and recreate it/them.
For example, let's assume you would change the stop-loss of your trade manager but already created an alert for it days ago.
As the previous alert is based on your previous configuration, you'll have to recreate it.

Please let us know if that doesn't make sense to you.

Credit and payment methods

Credit and payment methods when upgrading a subscription

Your credit is applicable for your next subscription purchase with 2 ways:

Credit card payment: Available for all packages aboveYou can use the Update subscription option from your profile page.

Crypto (Bitcoin) subscriptions are only available for the PREMIUM-12-Months plan.

For updating your package and getting your crypto credit, you’ll have to cancel your subscription first and ordering a new one. 

We keep the credit information stored in our database for each client - it will be applied automatically.

How to downgrade my suscription?

To downgrade your subscription, you must cancel your current plan first and then subscribe to the desired new plan. (i.e. a PREMIUM-12 looking for a PREMUM-6 or a PREMIUM-6 looking for a PREMIUN-3, …)

May I have a credit when canceling a subscription?

🧤 If the next subscription is cheaper, the credit may cover part of totally your new plan.

The credit value decreases every day. 

For example, if you cancel a PREMIUM-3 months subscription plan after 1 month. 

You'll be eligible for a credit equal to 66% of your 3 months subscriptions because you didn't use those days (= 2 unused months).

However, if you buy a PREMIUM-6 months subscription 1 month later (we're now 2 months past your first purchase); then you'll receive only 1 month worth of credit automatically applied to your new PREMIUN-12 purchase. 

May I have a credit when upgrading a subscription?

Our packages are ranked in this order in term of pricing/features/benefits for our users:

You credit is eligible only for packages above your current package (i.e. a PRO-12 may upgrade to a PREMIUM-3 ; a PREMIUM-6 cannot upgrade to a PREMIUM-3 and below...).

The credit value decreases every day. 

To upgrade using BTC, please cancel your subscription first and then subscribe to a new package.

🧤 You'll pay the difference between the subscription package and the credit we're giving you

For example, if you cancel a PREMIUM-3 months subscription plan after 1 month. 

You'll be eligible for a credit equal to 66% of your 3 months subscriptions because you didn't use those days (= 2 unused months).

However, if you buy a PREMIUM-12 months subscription 1 month later (we're now 2 months past your first purchase); then you'll receive only 1 month worth of credit automatically applied to your new PREMIUM-12 purchase. 

If I upgrade to the subscription, the free trial period remains or should I pay immediately?

In short, upgrading will terminate your trial and you'll get billed after order completion.
If you go to your profile page, you should see an Upgrade my subcription option - you'll find more details there

How to update my payment method?

Scenario: you need to update your credit/debit card information before the billing date

The only way for that is:

- 1 Login and go to your profile page
- 2 Cancel your current subscription
- 3 Subscribe again using your new payment information