Algo frameworks and their recommended timeframe(s)

Which trading framework for which timeframe(s)

Last updated: Feb 19th 2020

We tested all timeframes and a huge amount of algorithms combinations.
The current algorithms and timeframe belows are our best suggestions so far, and aren't recommended to trade in another timeframe without asking for our opinions first.

We would like to validate with you if your assumptions of using a framework on a non-tested timeframe is relevant.

Quick note:

🔸 Commodities look great with both the 15 and 30 minutes.
We let the traders selecting what he/she prefers.

🔸 The Algorithm Builder Indices applied on a 5-minutes chart seems to work wonderfully also on FOREX and Stocks Options assets.

Script Name Script Timeframe(s) Trading Style Asset class
BEST Algorithm Builder INDICES 1-minute
(several trades a day per asset)
(1-2 trade a day per asset)
Intraday Indices/Indexes
BEST Algorithm Builder INDICES 5-minutes
(a few trades a day per asset)
Intraday Indices - Stocks Options - Forex
BEST Algorithm Builder UNIVERSAL 15-minutes Swing Cryptocurrencies
BEST Algorithm Builder CRYPTO 5-minutes Intraday Cryptocurrencies
BEST Algorithm Builder STOCKS 30-minutes Swing Stocks