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[Tutorial][General] How to install a custom indicator on TradingView

For using TradingView Indicators you need a TradingView account

You can subscribe to TradingView for a FREE or PAID plan using this link: Subscribe to TradingView

This video may answer your questions about scaling, adding custom indicators, and alerts.

After you placed an order or requested a trial

All the paid scripts from this website are published using the invite-only mode on TradingView.
Once we receive confirmation a trial has been requested or a payment has been made, we'll add your TradingView login to the list of allowed users. 
We'll also send you your access keys by email. You'll receive an email with 1 access key per subscription package and/or 1 access key per utility bought.

Please keep your key(s) carefully because you'll need to use those to activate our indicators on your TradingView account.

How to add an invite-only script to your chart

This is very easy to do

1. Click on Indicators from the header menu
2. Type your indicator name
-    You'll receive the exact indicator names by email
3. Make sure those indicators are coming from @Daveatt.
4. Start playing with the tools and enjoy

Select a tradingView invite-only script

Scaling issues

There is nothing we can do to prevent that, but we know that TradingView could release a feature soon to prevent this scaling "issue" from happening.
It might only happen the first time you add the indicator to your chart.
The good news 👍: it could be solved in 2 clicks only. We provide below some guidance to solve this side-effect.

Issue Scaling TradingView Step 1

Scaling issue TradingView Step 2

What if the indicator displays a red error

Issue when indicator is loading

Many of our scripts contain thousands of lines of codes and might take a bit of time to get executed the first time you'll add them to your chart(s).
If your internet network is not fast enough or there are some latencies, you might get the issue as shown on the left image.

To work around that on both Desktop and Mobile, you'll either need to :
- Click on the 👁️‍🗨️ (eye icon)
- or refresh the whole page (F5/Refresh icon on Desktop and the usual way to refresh a page on your mobile device)

What if the indicator displays a calcul timeout error

TradingView timeout

Same as described just above.
Click on the 👁️‍🗨️ (eye icon)
- or refresh the whole page (F5/Refresh icon on Desktop and the usual way to refresh a page on your mobile device)

Hiding your charts settings when sharing

Hide charts settings

If you become a subscriber you will be given a private subscription key, We highly recommend changing your chart settings through.

Settings > Status Line > Indicator Arguments
and 'unchecking' the Indicator arguments checkbox. This will hide your product key from the public when posting new ideas or indicators within TradingView.