How to install a custom indicator on TradingView

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For using TradingView Indicators you need a TradingView account

You can subscribe to TradingView for a FREE or PAID plan using this link: Subscribe to TradingView

This video may answer your questions about scaling, adding custom indicators, and alerts.

After you placed an order

All the paid scripts from this website are published using the invite-only mode on TradingView.
Once we receive confirmation a subscription has been requested, we'll add your TradingView login to the list of allowed users. 
We'll also send you your access keys by email. You'll receive an email with your access key(s) per subscription package and/or access key for the purchased utility.

Please keep your key(s) carefully because you'll need to use those to activate our indicators on your TradingView account.

How to add an invite-only script to your chart

This is very easy to do

1. Click on Indicators from the header menu
2. Type your indicator name
-    You'll receive the exact indicator names by email
3. Make sure those indicators are coming from @Daveatt.
4. Start playing with the tools and enjoy

Select a tradingView invite-only script

Remove the candles border

This isn't mandatory at all.
Some of our indicators are coloring the candles based on the trend state.
Removing the native border coloring gives a much better looking display.

Uncheck candles border settings

The candles are displayed nicely and with clear colors For a LONG:

  • below the entry price is dark green
  • above the entry price is light green

For a SHORT:

  • above the entry price is dark red
  • below the entry price is light red

Candles without border on tradingview look nicer

How to remove the grid lines

Some traders may prefer hiding the chart grid lines. Offering here a solution for doing it

Remove the grid lines on TradingVie

Scaling issues

There is nothing we can do to prevent that, but we know that TradingView could release a feature soon to prevent this scaling "issue" from happening.
It might only happen the first time you add the indicator to your chart.

The good news 👍: it could be solved in 2 simple steps only.
- Step 1: right click on the right price scale
- Step 2: Choose Auto (Fits Data to screen only)
We provide below some guidance to solve this side-effect.

Issue Scaling TradingView Step 1
Scaling issue TradingView Step 2

What if the indicator is not loading

If you don't see any red error message or three horizontal dots or the loading label or nothing at all, then... it may be a network/wifi issue.

In that case, the only thing to do is refreshing the page and/or fixing your internet connection.
Could also be that you didn't enter your access key and that's why nothing is displayed

What if the indicator displays a red error

Issue when indicator is loading

Many of our scripts contain thousands of lines of codes and might take a bit of time to get executed the first time you'll add them to your chart(s).
If your internet network is not fast enough or there are some latencies, you might get the issue as shown on the left image.

To work around that on both Desktop and Mobile, you'll either need to :
- Click on the 👁️‍🗨️ (eye icon)
- or refresh the whole page (F5/Refresh icon on Desktop and the usual way to refresh a page on your mobile device)

Plug and Play red study error

TradingView Study Error Max_bars_back

When you'll load the trade manager or Algo single/multiple trends or backtester for indicators for the first time, it won't be connected to any TradingView indicator.
That's why you may see an error message as per the image above.
Once you connect your indicator(s), the error disappears and the indicator loads the visual elements on your TradingView chart

What to do if the signals are hidden by other elements

In case your signals are a bit hidden by tons of Algo Supports/Resistances and want them to be displayed more clearly on your charts.

1. Move your mouse cursor on your indicator name (left part of your screen)
2. Click on the best algo builder MORE icon (three horizontal dots)
3. Select visual order
4. Select Bring to front

TradingView More icon

TradingView Indicator More icon

What if the indicator displays a calcul timeout error

TradingView timeout

Same as described just above.
Click on the 👁️‍🗨️ (eye icon)
- or refresh the whole page (F5/Refresh icon on Desktop and the usual way to refresh a page on your mobile device)

Hiding your chart indicators settings

By default, TradingView displays some n/a and indicator values. It clutters the chart a lot.
Then, I recommend unchecking the two checkboxes mentioned below.
You'll see this behavior when those 2 are checked (which doesn't look nice we all agree).

TradingView indicators showing too many values and settings

Hiding indicators aguments/values

Also, if you become a subscriber you will be given a private subscription key, We highly recommend changing your chart settings through.

Settings > Status Line > Indicator Arguments
and 'unchecking' the Indicator arguments checkbox.
This hides your product key from the public when sharing your winning trades with your friends.

How to split your chart?

Step 1: Create your list of symbols

Create your list of symbols

Step 2: Add the relevant symbols

I usually create 1 list per asset class. So, 1 for indices, 1 for crypto etc.

Note: To add the FXCM symbols, there is a "hack"

Let's use US30 as an example.

1. Type exactly US30
2. Press Enter from your keyboard
3. This will default into the FX:US30 quotation (FX like FXCM)

Add symbols to the symbol List

Step 3: Use the chart splitting feature

Make sure to overlay your cursor on the (i) to learn what those options are doing

Example: to add the US30 m1 and m5 on a split chart, we should:

1. click on the split square icon located at the top right of your TradingView
2. click on the US30 symbol from the list created in Step 1
3. from there save your chart (CTRL+S shortcut), load the 1-minute timeframe to get both the 1 and 5 minutes on the same view.

TradingView chart splitting feature

How to delete an indicator

Delete indicator

Click on the small (x) icon

Alerts not firing?

TradingView alerts are linked to instances of chart/resolution + indicator settings.
Each time you edit the settings of an indicator on your chart, a new instance is created.
Thus your alerts still link to the old settings until they are edited (updated) or recreated.

🔔 Please make sure you deleted the previous alerts and created new ones every time we're sending an indicator update.

🔶 To change existing alerts, best do a reload of the TradingView tab first (Ctrl + Shift + R).
Then select "Edit" on the alert and select the new version of the indicator settings in the "Condition" dropdown.
Ensure triggers are correct and the expiration time well into the future and hit save, best wait a few seconds before editing the next alert.

Once you are done, reload your TradingView tab again and double check your alerts.

How to apply the exchange timezone on your chart?

Is it needed?

Yes! if you use hourly filters from our Algorithm Builders or your own script.
By default, TradingView scripts refer to the exchange timezone.
To compare apple to apple, we recommend setting your chart with the Exchange timezone.

To change the chart’s time zone, we first need to open the instrument settings window.
One way to do so is by clicking on the gear icon, which displays to the right of the instrument’s name on the chart.
TradingView configure symbole timezone

In the settings window that this opens we select the ‘Timezone/Sessions’ tab. There we use the pull-down menu of the ‘Time Zone’ option to set the chart’s time zone to "Exchange"
  TradingView configure symbole timezone to Exchange

An alternative way of doing it is to use the clock/date range option below your chart.

TradingView configure timezone using the date range menu

Tradingview timezone change to exchange using the date range menu

TradingView hot keys

List of convenient hot keys (keyboards shortcuts) in TradingView.

TradingView complete list of the best hotkeys

How to import/export a script configuration?

Whenever you have an indicator with tons of inputs, you know that anytime you change the source or download a new version that you're losing your config. It's annoying and time-consuming to re-insert the "50" inputs of our fav indicators every time

Step 1: download this Google chrome extension

StratX PRO Chrome extension

Step2: How to export a TradingView config

StratXPro Export feature

Go to your favorite indicator settings and click on Export
It appears after the extension has been installed.
It will export the configuration in your clipboard. You'll only need to paste it in a text file.

Step 3 - How to import a config

Import a configuration from StratXPro

StratXPro import TradingView settings

Paste an export file into the indicator extension panel and click on Import

Removing the exit warning

Exit Warning Chrome

Whenever we exit a TradingView tab, we get an annoying warning message asking us to confirm we do want closing the tab.
To prevent this, I found the Let me out extension blocking popup messages like "Are you sure you want to leave this page?" when navigating away from some sites.
URL: Let me out Chrome extension

Enable the Extended Trading Hours

Enable the extended intraday trading hours on TradingView

This is useful for intraday stocks trading for example
To see the pre/post market data, we need to enable this option. However, upon activation, it will display the pre/post trading hours with a blue background.

Hide the intraday trading hours colors on TradingView

As I don't like having them displayed like this, I hide this blue color by setting both color opacity to 100%.
Opactiy = 100% has the effect to hide those extra colors but you still have access to the pre/post trading hours data.

Display the BID/ASK price

To display the bid/ask prices and the spread, follow the 2 simple steps below from your chart settings

Display the TradingView big/ask spread

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