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Trade Manager/Risk-Reward Panel - Plug & Play - Best Trading Indicator
Trade Manager/Risk-Reward Panel - Plug & Play - Best Trading Indicator

Trade Manager/Risk-Reward Panel - Plug & Play

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Debit/Credit Card and Paypal payments accepted

🎁 Offered to the VIP 3 and 12 subscribers

πŸ’΅ Also available for one-time payment

πŸ”Œ&πŸ•ΉοΈ Plug and Play: Connect the standalone Trade manager to any your indicators in a single click

πŸ‘ Ideal for: ALL traders

πŸ€– Dynamic alerts on entries and exits for trading automation

β›” Stop-Loss Management

%Trailing: The Stop-Loss starts X% away from the entry price - and will move up every time your trade will gain X% profit.

Percentage: The Stop-Loss stays static X% away from the entry price. There is no trailing here.

Distance Pips/Points: Define the Stop Loss X pips/points away from the entry price.

TP Trailing: The stop-loss is set X% away from the entry price.
When the TP1 is hit, the stop-loss moves to the Entry price.
When the TP2 is hit, the stop-loss moves to the previous TP1 position.
When the TP3 is hit, the stop-loss moves to the previous TP2 position.

Fixed: Set the Stop-Loss at a fixed position (value should be in currency/units).

ATR Multiple: Stop Loss set X ATR away from the entry.

🎯 Take Profits Management

Manage up to 3 take profit levels defined as a percentage or price value or pips distance or ATR multiple.

πŸ“Š Risk-Reward Panel

The panel displays the risk-to-reward ratios and also the PnL (Profit and Loss in percentage value) of the current trade.

πŸ”” Alerts

Available on all Trade Manager events (Stop-Loss hit, Take Profit 1 hit, Take Profit 2 hit, Take Profit 3 hit).

πŸ“š Complete guide available here

TradingView TradingView Trade Manager Script URL

Discord forum More info available in our Discord forum

Even if you are not a programmer, 5 minutes are needed for the first time only you will connect your indicators.
Then, once connected, you can start playing and set your preferred stop-loss, trailing and take-profits settings

Yes, of course they are.
All of our subscription scripts are compatible with our standalone TradingView scripts.

If a customer wants to return an standalone TradingView bought online, he/she must tell us he wants to cancel the purchase via Email.
After informing Best Trading Indicator, which should happen within 14 days after purchase, the company will proceed to the refund and remove the scripts access within 24 hours.

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Imani L.
United States United States
An Exceptional Learning Experience

I cannot thank David enough for his distinguished support, mentorship and encouragement as an educator throughout my learning process. If you have a goal, he will work vigorously to help you achieve it. Bravo!

Anders J.
Denmark Denmark
Great product to step up your trading

This product has been a great companion for me. I differently recommend it. Dave has been a great help setting it up and supporting me.

Nasir D.
Egypt Egypt
Game changer

Includes alert templates for TradingConnector and ProfitView

Finley O.
Argentina Argentina
Good purchase for me

The ATR Multiple for the stop and profits levels is awesome

Axel M.
New Zealand New Zealand
Outstanding customer service

I'm not a coder and I didn't know the manager works only with indicators. Dave was nice enough to convert my strategy into an indicator.

Jenna J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Bloody grand!

Dave developed a custom convergence system for me 1 year ago. I plugged it into that Trade Manager in less than 5 minutes. The result is useful and very elegant

Croatia Croatia
This script is absolute madness

8 options for Stop Loss 4 options for Take Profits Real-time analytics And compatible with systems for automated trading

Joseph B.
Croatia Croatia
So flexible!

The tool works with all my indicators. Really amazing

Vladimir G.
Russia Russia
Great job sir

I love this indicator.

Joseph A.
Australia Australia

Thank you very much... and Happy New Year! :))