TSI Shadow


The TSI shadow is basically a True Strength Index (TSI) used in relation to 2 moving averages. We discovered this indicator on the FXCodebase website 2 years ago, and mostly use it for our Indices trading.

The script URL can be found down below

TradingView TSI Shadow indicator

Indicator settings

A TSI is made of two momentum smoothing inputs

And we add 2 moving averages in the calculation.

This has the goal to give less fakeouts and more secure entries.

TSI Shadow indicator settings from TradingView


Bullish condition: If the TSI plot is greater than the second moving average and first moving average greater than the second moving average

Bearish condition: If the TSI plot is less than the second moving average and first moving average lower than the second moving average


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Script URL

The trading script is available on TradingView

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