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BTI Algorithm Global - Best Trading Indicator
BTI Algorithm Global - Best Trading Indicator
BTI Algorithm Global - Best Trading Indicator
BTI Algorithm Global - Best Trading Indicator

BTI Algorithm Global

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👍 Ideal for: Intraday and Swing Stocks, Crypto, Forex, Commodities, Indices, ETFs and 3X ETFs traders

🛎️ Included in the VIP 1, VIP 3 and VIP 12 plans

⌚ We designed 6 algorithms in 1 script (A unique system made for each timeframe): 5-minutes, 15-minutes, 30-minutes, 1-hour, 2-hours and 4-hours

🏷️ Designed by the Best Trading Indicator™ scientific quantitative research team.

🤖 Dynamic alerts on exits for trading automation

Entries  Scalping, Intraday, Swing entries for everything that can be traded on TradingView

⛔    Multiple Stop-loss options (Custom Hard Exit, Price value, pips distance, trailings, percentage)

🎯    Multiple Take Profits options (price value, pips distance, percentage)

🔔     Alerts on Entries, Exits, and Trade Manager events (Stop-Loss, Take Profits, Hard Exits)

📊     Risk-to-Reward Panel

💰     Profit and Losses Panel

📚 Complete guide available here

TradingView TradingView Algo Universal Script URL

💰 Recent Trades Performance

Discord forum More info available in our Discord forum

This system is really fabulous for SWING and INTRADAY trading. It works with anything that can be traded (Indices, Crypto, Stocks, Commodities, Forex) using Spot or Margin trading

For any of our timeframe, we use multi-timeframes indicators.
Even if your chart uses a 5-minutes timeframe, our underlying indicators select "with the trend" indicators from a bigger timeframe.
This statement is valid for any timeframe compatible with the Algorithm Builder Universal

We are compatible with most of the CFDs, futures or options brokers like Interactive Brokers, Metatrader 4 and 5, FXCM, ...

Yes, we made it compatible with our Backtester VIP, Standalone Trade Manager, ...

A very high win-rate is easily cancelled out by a big loss. For that reason we think, this is not a relevant metric.
Our subscribers are strongly advised to backtest in a different but much simpler way.
Namely, after downloading our indicators and reading our Trading Method, we ask them to scroll-left on their charts and see if the entries/exits make sense.
Most of our subscribers realize if our indicators give them an edge in the markets within a few hours only.
Then, a subscriber trading our method like a "Machine" can totally be profitable from the first day with us

We developed our own indicators that we invented on FXCM and MT4 platorms.
Those TradingView underlying indicators ar not published anywhere else so that to keep our "savoir-faire" unique and very valuable for the BTI community

With this SWING system, we aim to make several hundreds of pips (or points) every day.

We are logging them daily on our Results and Performance page

A very important note: They cannot be faked because our subscribers have the exact same signals on their charts.

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Portugal Portugal
Imo Best script and guide and support !

So, got the vip3 month pack few days ago. i trade for 5 years, but always looking good shit to hedge against the fearless market we face this days tried many many stuff, stumbled accross the BTI stuff while navigating on tradingview and decided to give it a try Dave very supportive and helpfull got a 2 days trial to plot everything and read the guide carefully and take all notes etc.. made a few trades on main pairs, btc eth and yfi combo along with nasdaq and some major forex decided to get the vip3 months cause its real worth it now: u cant fomo.. u cant jump in on the trade 100% blind... if u follow the guide and the community discord forum, u cant get it wrong this is a script made for trades by trades.. by real traders, and that makes a lot of difference.. this gives multiple entries, ta advice take profit and even better the SL levels.. cause at the end of the day, the most important is capital preservation. Many thanks to Dave and his team!

Australia Australia
My P&L says thank you

Dave and the team created something special with these Algos. When used with higher timeframe analysis these signals provide accurate signals for entry and exits consistently. I've been using them for a few months now in a number of market conditions and they consistently perform well, particularly in trending markets but also helps get you out if the direction moves against you. From a risk management perspective, the hard exits are essential if like most traders you struggle with exiting your trades.

Gabriella W.
Cyprus Cyprus
Loving it

I want to get a T-Shirt with ALgo Universal on it so I can show it off to everyone.

Ahmed S.
Canada Canada
It does what it preaches

No regret so far

Yuri C.
Israel Israel
Blown away

Best Trading Indicator should be nominated for trading service of the year

Emery R.
Switzerland Switzerland
Solid signals

Still testing but already loving it

Joseph B.
Croatia Croatia
Superb for my FOREX trading

I only trade FOREX pairs. The invalidations are great, life-savers. Well done guys

James A.
Slovenia Slovenia
Excellent indicator and framework

Not only a script but also a trading method Superb!

Michael B.
Belgium Belgium

Mon préféré

Andres C.
France France
Pas mal du tout

Très bon en démo Je m'y mets en réèl bientôt