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October 2019 Newsletter

Our updates regarding the Algorithm Builders Crypto and Forex are mentioned below.
We're sure you'll like what you're going to read.


Algorithm Builder INDICES

We listened to your feedback and made a few changes to our framework.

πŸ‘‡ See below for more information πŸ‘‡

Please delete the Algorithm Builder INDICES from your chart and download it again. There is no other way to get the latest version we published today OCt 30th, 2019. If not done, you won't access the new features we included.

  • The Algo Builder INDICES is now easier to use
    • Default mode removed - only the Trade Manager remains now. This simplifies a ton this indicator.
      We provide the entries but the exists are now up to you.
      Because we cannot know what is your capital, risk appetite, and goals. We try to provide the BEST entries and the BEST risk management, but the exits have to be defined accordingly to who you are.
    • Safe Mode: We often say to wait for a pullback near the EMA20 when we get a signal against the trend.
      We automatized that option with that checkbox πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ - We'll talk about it during the LIVE coaching.
    • Fixed Distance Value: You can now set a stop-loss in distance points value.
      Use case: You'd like to set a stop-loss 40 points away from your entry
    • Fixed Take Profit Distance: Define your Take Profit 1 and 2 with a distance in points value.
      Use case: Set the first take profit 40 points away from the entry price, and the second one 60 points away. (those values are only to illustrate my point πŸ˜‰)
    • USE TP TRAILING MODE: Apply a TP trailing for your selected stop-loss.
      This is a very remarkable feature. Assuming the stop-loss (SL) is set 2% away when the trades start.
      When the TP1 is hit, the stop-loss will be moved to the Entry price (also called breakeven).
      Then when the TP2 is hit, the SL is moved to the previous TP1 position.
      This is a decent way of protecting your gains.
    • SMART TradingView alerts: They work even better now - only triggering when in a trade and once per trend
      Those trading based on alerts will enjoy this feature very much. We'll update by end of this week all of our scripts using this new exciting feature.
    • 🎁 We removed the Algo Supports/Resistances from the tool to optimize its execution time. We made those supports/resistances as an external indicator - offered to all our subscribers for FREE for the duration of their subscriptions - More on that below.

Algorithmic Supports/Resistances & Pivots & Long Term Levels.

Supports and Resistances TradingView indicator
      • We decided to make it as a standalone indicator
      • Offered to all our subscribers for ALL subscriptions packages.
      • Link: Product page

      • πŸ‘‰ The indicator name to research is:
        BTI Algorithmic Supports and Resistances/Pivots Standard/Long Term levels
      • Documentation for that indicator coming shortly

Trade Manager with supports/resistances

  1. Trade Manager Algo SMAs
    • Profit levels automatically based on the nearest Algorithmic SMAs
    • Indicator will be released by end of next week
  2. Trade Manager Pivots
    • Profit levels automatically based on the nearest multi-timeframes pivots
    • Indicator will be released by end of next week

Discord Forum

  • We'll be very active there to answer all your questions.
  • Everyone is welcome !!

Backtest Suites results can now be exported

- Get insightful analytics by exporting your backtest results into excel - Create pivot tables and pivot charts to expand your trade analysis even more
- Create your own trading journal with only a few clicks
- Formula used in the video to convert the first column (timestamp) in a readable
date format : =(((A2/60)/60)/24)+DATE(1970,1,1)

Trello board for features/updates/bugs fixing requests.

  • Have a feedback/request for us?
  • On top of the Discord forum you have now access to our Offical Trello board.
  • Please don't spam us with too many requests... we want to have a like sometimes also #kidding

Live coaching

  • We'll probably move to a bi-weekly live coaching because we're selling a new trading system and once a month won't be enough.
  • The first session will be scheduled shortly. Probably in a few weeks.
    We'll notify you by email 1/2 week(s) before.

Discount Discount Discount

    All the current and future subscribers are eligible for a -15% discount on their next order.

What are we cooking under the hood

We'll release within 2 weeks the Algorithm Builder CRYPTO and an Algorithm Builder FOREX for 5-minutes and 30 minutes trading.
πŸ‘‰ They will be offered to our current trial and paying subscribers.
πŸ‘‰ The 5 min fits the scalp/intraday traders.
πŸ‘‰ The 30 min fits more seasoned traders looking to take a few trades per asset/week.
Please let us know in the Discord Forum/Email if you have any questions.

      • Algorithm Builder CRYPTO: we managed to design a robtust 5 minutes framework giving decent entries with a fabulous risk/opportunity taken/opportunity available ratio.
        Please give us a few weeks of testing and we'll make it available on TradingView.
        The current paying subscribers will receive a 25% discount for that package.

      • Algorithm Builder FOREX/COMMODITIES: Same as above. This framework will have its own separate package.

    • We're preparing a live coaching to explain our trading method and BEST Trading principles.
      We might be ones of the few talking about hard exits/invalidations. We're not overprotecting our positions/tools.
      We could summarize our trading philosophy as follow:

      1. cut a trade early if the engine estimates the probably to hit the SL is very real
      2. If not 1., let the trade live.
      3. Our embbed hard exit will dynamically trail the SL according to the opportunity already caught/risk to stay in the trade at a given moment.

      • 🎁🎁🎁 For the Algo Builder CRYPTO and FOREX/COMMODITIES, we think the standalone Trade Manager will be included and offered. What do you guys think about it?😘
        • The Trade Manager is compatible with any indicator (assuming you have access to the source code and there is a distinct LONG/SHORT conditions in the code)

      • We'll be happy to help anyone stucks with this very small update to be done.

  • More Tutorial videos: we'll shoot a video per indicator/trading method soon.
    Please bear (no pun intended) with us because a 5 min video takes in average 5/7 hours of shooting/scripting/editing.

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Do you want a better Trading Performance?

Hey, I'm Dave. I'm determined to make a trading account grow.
My only question is, will it be yours?

The signals and trading method frameworks are available to our VIP subscribers