All analysts predicted the recession and crash

if you looked CNBC/BBC/twitter, everyone and their mothers and dogs were bearish and saw the end of the world right?
but us... we just traded the damn signals regardless of what those "retards" said .... guess who got it right in the end?

Hint: not them

By the way, most of the financial analysts on TV are paid by sponsors/brokers whatever to say things. there is a real conflict of interest and that's why I 100% encourage you to NEVER look at the news.

I only look at macro events for indices to not trade around those huge events (market open, close, FED, BCE, etc) but that's pretty much it
I really don't care if a billions-dollars hedge fund guy goes on CNBC claiming we're set for 10 months of drop. Once again, they're paid to say those things as they know they can move the market with their influence on TV.

Our Algo builders don't have any conflict of interest and are impartial, unbias don't care of what we think/feel the market should do, and those counter-trading them (including me) ends up often getting totally wrecked.

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