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Understanding the function of Money

Understanding the function of Money comes down to several things, and they are all connected, but probably one of the most important things.
I think it's the way people view Money right and the idea that there's two there are 2 main problems with most people in the way that they see Money.
The first major problem, but I've picked up on over the years - are people not understanding the function of my why it exists, and if you don't know why Money exists, and it's a real function, you tend to have no respect for it. The second thing is actually, to do with emotion towards it... so having some sort of emotional barrier towards Money itself.

You know we're always told these messages where, like, for example, Money is the root of all evil Money. Doesn't make you happy, the more Money you have, the more problems you're going to have, but I just want you to think about it for a second because it's pretty obvious, but people always miss this point.
Just imagine a world that didn't have any money in it at all. Money has a function, and you know in your own time you can go and look at this online because it's pretty well-known amongst people who understand the role of Money.

So look that up, people. The double coincidence of wants, the double coincidence of wants, is significant to understanding the function of Money because without Money we say, we would live in a barter economy and everything that we're used to consuming in the world now has come about because of the function of Money.
I know it makes society work, it's something that, if you, if you understand why it exists, to solve the need of the double coincidence of once you respect it more and people don't get this. So look up the double coincidence of wants and lookup.

The alternative is a barter economy, and we're led to believe a lot of the time that desiring Money is a bad thing, and people blur the lines between wanting to do better for yourself and your family.

That type of greed and the greed of harming or abusing other people, and Money is the medium through that sit. So one, in my mind, is a positive greed in that you want to do better for yourself, and you want to do better for your family. In my mind, there's nothing wrong with that. The other type of greed is not good.

It's negative greed where you're harming other people to become wealthy, and you don't have to do that. You know if you just understand the function of Money, firstly, and respect it. You'Ll realize that Money isn't the root of all evil. It's greed; that's the root of all evil in a negative sense when you're harming other people, Money has a function, and there's positive greed. So again, imagine your life or the world without Money in it.

Everything that you consume, everything that you experience these days is a fun of the monetary system. That is build up over hundreds of years, and we've come from the bottle economy to be where we are today. Without it, society literally would not function so understand it and respect it.

That's the first thing and understand the difference between positive and negative greet, and what you've also got to understand as well is Money itself in enterprise. 

If you manage it well, then you're going to do okay, be good you're, actually, probably going to be more comfortable, more relaxed, have more freedom, more choices and possibly help you become happier.

It doesn't make you happy it just helps.
You become happier, so all these messages that people get told you know continually growing up.
This creates the second problem as well, so, first of all, not understanding the function of, but secondly, also having emotional barriers to Money.

So when you look at the $100 yeah, what do you think of it?
It's a couple of drinks or a meal or a soon. I took him whatever: okay yeah, but that's what it can buy you sure, but what do you actually think of it?

Now, let's move on, what about a 300 dollars?
Sure, you know again, I think about that in terms of what I can buy with it? A night out or going to a nice restaurant yeah whatever so yeah, it's like a night out, maybe with a few other people, like you, sure, go to A nice restaurant have a few drinks, take your family out of whatever right. Well, what do you think of it? I mean, it's a decent amount of Money.

If I lost it, I'd be a bit annoyed sort of thing.

Okay, let's make. Let'S make the stakes higher? Okay, so here's a thousand dollars. What do you think of that say? Is it become a decent amount of Money? Okay, yes, what's your white a lot? What can you buy with a thousand dollars? Good, bye appliances? You know things that people typically buy with it: yeah

phones, TVs, games, consoles, well, yeah, exactly okay. Let'S take this to a slightly higher level, five thousand dollars. What do you think of the five thousand bucks? Well, it's I mean that is a lot of Money by any objective standards, that's like once, somebody's monthly or even salary for two months, sure quite a few people.

So what do you think of it again? It'S you know: it's a considerable amount of Money for a lot of people.

Now I could put any amount of Money down on our table fill. I could put ten thousand hundred thousand a million, but let's go back to the beginning. Let'S take off the 5100 and go back to the 20. The next question is this: what do you think the $ 20 note thinks of you? Nothing! It's only Money, it's just a piece of paper !!!

Of course, you can't think it's a piece of paper with 20 written on it. It's a commodity. It doesn't think it's a commodity. Used to transact for goods and services to satisfy, wants, and needs. That'S all. It is okay, the problem with it with most people. What they don't understand is that all the issues Money exists with them, not with the Money. The Money doesn't think anything of you, so whether it's $ 50 100 thousand dollars $ 5,000 $ 10,000, a hundred thousand dollars a million dollars.

It doesn't matter because a million dollars or a hundred thousand dollars or ten thousand dollars is just a whole bunch of 50s. That think nothing of you so there's no difference except a monetary value. So this is that this is the second major problem.

It's having emotional barriers because the more Money I put down on the table, the more you think of it because you feel what it can buy you to satisfy the wants and needs right. The key is to be indifferent, so going right back to the beginning.
Understanding the function of Money is very important to respect it, but at the same time, you also have to reduce to zero your emotional barriers, and you have to be indifferent now.

This brings up another interesting point: how can you be respectful of Money but at the same time, being different? It'S kind of contradictory, yeah, okay, but in this context, it's not contradictory because respect in this context is merely having awareness.

So it's knowing what Money is and being indifferent to Money.
When you look at it, when you see more and more, and more of it, and that's the key, so being aware and understanding Money where it comes from so if you can manage to understand it properly and understand its function and be aware and be respectful of it.

But at the same time being different, that's the key to starting on the road to becoming successful, because Money will come to you.

You will respect it, but you also know at the same time what it can accomplish as well, and if that makes sense to you, then you've got through that barrier.

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Do you want a better Trading Performance?

Hey, I'm Dave. I'm determined to make a trading account grow.
My only question is, will it be yours?

The signals and trading method frameworks are available to our VIP subscribers