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The markets value

The markets value

Introduction I came across yesterday an interesting infographics from the Visual Capitalist website Now let's analyze it. Let's define 1 square to be worth $100 billon Silver The value of all above-ground silver stocks is $43.9 billon using a $17.20/oz spot price. Cryptocurrencies The total value of all cryptocurrency is around $244 billion. Bitcoin accounts for two thirds of that amount. Annual Military Spending Estimated to be $17.5 billion. With 36% coming from the USA and 14% from China U.S. Budget Deficit in 2020   According to the Congressional Budget Office, rescue spending for the virus will nearly quadruple the 2020 U.S. budget deficit to a record $3.8 trillion, or $18.7% o the U.S. economic output. Coins and Banknotes Tangible...

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