A quick note

We're only talking here about the standalone BEST Trade Manager sold as a standalone TradingView indicator script.

This script connects to your own indicators getting real-time analytics + stop-loss and take-profit levels.

Use cases

🔸 You don't want to hire a developer because it's too expensive to add a stop-loss/trailing-stop or take profits levels and alerts to any of your scripts

🔸 You're not a coder and don't even want to write some Pinescript for each of your indicators adding those stop and profit levels

🔸 You're looking for a generic template working with all asset classes (stocks, indices, forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies) and timeframes (scalp, intraday, swing)

🔸 Required setup: a few clicks and reading the documentation below


🔸It's a lifetime license for 99€/$108 only

🔸 Credit card/Paypal/Bitcoin accepted


We listed them all below
Trade Manager features

Product page

Can be purchased from our website