Why working with us

Best Trading Indicator™ is a team of developers and traders offering 2 distinct services.

    1. trading strategy and bot script development service

      We worked with more than 500 traders designing and developing their trading strategies.

      With seven years of experience developing indicators, backtest scripts, and trading bots, we offer solutions catering to modern traders' dynamic needs.

      Our open-source portfolio showcased on TradingView, is a testament to our commitment to innovation in trading technology.

    2. Teaching our proven trading method for all asset classes, all trader types (intraday, swing, scalpers) and all brokers

We’re trading together with our subscribers, the same BEST entries/exits available on everyone’s TradingView charts.

We offer from our Pricing/Plans page four Subscription Packages.

Our recent coding work reviews

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TradingView Reviews

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Some charts showing our trades


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Our Trading Method

We uploaded a quick general overview of our BEST Trading Method for our audience to understand our values

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