Refund policy

All sales are final and no refund will be issued


Case of proven bug coming from Best Trading Indicator and not from the broker

Subscriptions and Purchases won't be refunded unless there is a proven technical issue coming from the Best Trading Indicator scripts preventing the scripts to display the signals properly

If such an event is detected, the client will have to notify the Company/Site and give them a 3 weeks notice to fix it. However, the Customer has to make sure this is really an issue and not a lack of understanding of how to use our trading scripts and how to use the brokers

If the Company/Website doesn't fix it within 3 weeks from the date when the Customer shared the issue, then a full refund will be issued. If the fix is made within the 3 weeks period, the Company/Site might at its own discretion, increase the access duration of the impacted users.

Case of bug coming from the broker/trading platform and not from the Best Trading Indicator scripts

The issue is coming from a third-party, independent from Best Trading Indicator. Such an event is unlikely to happen but could still happen. In this case, The Company/Site won't be held responsible for any negative event.

We're developing our scripts only with trustworthy trading platforms and brokers. If a general issue happen, they usually fix it in a matter of hours/days

Case of Best Trading Indicator rented/bought but the customer didn't know he had to upgrade his/her TradingView account to enjoy the full capabailities of some features

We're thinking mostly of our Plug&Play indicators based on the "indicator on indicator" TradingView feature. 
Best Trading Indicator won't be liable to refund in that case. We're warning our users on our guides/tutorials and on our compare-plans page many times.
When subscribing to a package mostly to benefit from a Plug&Play feature, please make sure your TradingView subscription type is compatible.


Once you rent one of our subscription packages, you agree to be aware of what the scripts are doing and aren't supposed to do. We made it clear in our Guides and Tutorials page to explain in details what we're renting and selling

This is the only scenario where subscriptions might be refunded. We won't refund in case of bad trading performance or misusage of our tools. We don't and will never guarantee a better trading performance using our scripts but only a system help traders making better decisions. This is only a help. As such, bad decisions can still be made and the Company/Site won't be liable in that case