Regardless of the chosen communication way, I mandatory need all the elements below.
Don't assume I know what you're talking about, please explain to me your issue as you would with your grandparents - so that even them would understand what you're talking about

A clear description of your problem

Explain to the dummy me what's causing the issue in a few sentences.

A few screenshots in pictures or video

Only noobs take screenshots of their screen with their smartphones... (don't be a noob...)

You can also use the screenshot feature from TradingView by clicking on the camera icon located at the top right

TradingView screenshot

🔸 I prefer Video screenshots because it forces you to explain your problems clearly.

If the question is about how you should have managed your trades

  • I want some images or videos screenshots showing me where you entered/exited and a brief explanation
    I'm not a seer and I don't have a crystal ball.
    Please help me to help you :)

  • I want the time of the trades and the timezone used (I can't guess it)

  • Screenshots showing the dates and time (X-axis below) is very helpful.
    It allows me to troubleshoot faster and avoids a lot of back-and-forth

  • Drawings on your screenshots are also appreciated.
    Showing me with arrows where you entered etc

Can be done via TradingView directly, or Screenpresso or Screencastify

Alerts issues

For issues with alerts, I need:

  • your alert message in TXT format

  • screenshot(s) of your alert conditions and alert configuration

  • screenshot(s) of your algorithm builder settings from top to bottom (all the settings basically)

  • some clear description of what's going on and what you did to troubleshoot

If any of those elements are missing, you're basically asking a blind man to show you the way

How to troubleshoot the issue yourself?

  • Sometimes an issue happens only for a specific instrument/timeframe.

It's always good to check if the issue repeats for other assets or timeframes

Which channel to be used for reporting your issue?