Has to be said I think :)

When I advice when to cut a trade, this doesn't mean you can take a re-entry to compensate.

Intraday indices/index

You'll never guess it. It's based on what intraday means actually

Before going to bed or leaving your trading station

  • If in profit, stop loss to breakeven (+ eventually TP)
  • If not in profit, don't play against the casino when already losing. Not a BEST move.

A few minutes before the CFD market close

Weekends are fun, don't waste your weekends by stressing out for smashing the LONG/SHORT button a few minutes before the CFD market close

Regardless of being in profit or not, cut the trades.

Q: Why?

A: Because, Sunday evening moves are violent, nasty, and look like gaps jumping out of most stop-loss/take-profit/entry orders.

Don't be that guy who got jumped over on a Sunday evening.

A few minutes before a major event

Events like:

  • Announcements related to FED/ECB
  • New Year's Eve, Christmas, Thanksgiving

Then when to cut trades?:

  • If in profit, stop loss to breakeven (+ eventually TP)
  • If not in profit, don't play against the casino when already losing. Not a BEST move.


Ah, those coins changing the face of the world with their blockchain technology.

Crypto and weekends

Let me tell you a quick short story.

I have a trading journal where I log my trades made per algo builder framework/timeframe/day and in 2018 I analyzed which days I'm losing most of my money (and indirectly time).

And then, a lightbulb above my head just started to shine.
WEEEEEEKEEEENDS I discovered and because humans need rest and I was ignoring my fatigue, social life to trade static not moving shitcoins.

The God(s) of trading don't want us to trade during weekends perhaps.

It's fairly obvious that weekends interesting opportunities are:

  • Rare
    imagine waiting your whole weekend for a fakeout

  • Fake
    do you know the Bart Simpson pattern?

  • Counter-productive
    ignoring your fatigue from the week and getting more frustrated due to a static market will not end well

Cryptocurrencies and weekend - A ray of hope

Our Algo Builder Crypto 5-minutes and Algo Builder Universal 15-minutes work more than great on cryptocurrencies and even on weekends.

Due to the risks mentioned above, I personally (not financial advice):

  • lower my position sizing (by a lot)
  • use small or near to leverage 1 (aka no leverage)
  • don't force it as I prefer grinding rather than trading being exhausted

My trading journal in 2019 looked so much better and I even enjoyed many weekends.


Feeling tired or sick?

If you think (I 100% do) trading is a real profession requiring focus, patience, dedication, and having a clear mind... then when you have a headache/a cold/feeling nauseous/... I beg you to trade in demo or with tiny positions those days.

Almost all my sick and tired days ended up being losing days