100% true

As a systemic trader, I've always said knowing what to do is the easy part.
Applying a proven strategy with unconditional conviction is when it starts getting hard.

Trading against your deep beliefs

You want to believe a narrative
You want to believe it has to go up or down because someone from CNBC/Twitter said something

When any trading strategy then gives a signal in the opposite direction of your beliefs, you're undecided, you can't take the trade.

It has to go down because the FED increased the interest rates so I'm not taking that Long

It has to go up because ABC is an inflation hedge and we're only 3X from the previous ATH

Let me ask you this...

Don't you think you've joined Best Trading Indicator because you were losing money trading based on your thoughts and beliefs?

Trading against yourself

There is a signal to exit but you don't want to exit because the last few exits made you exit too early

There is a signal to enter but you don't want to enter because the last few entries weren't winners

Then comes an entry that you decided to ignore, the trade worked wonderfully but you ignored it.

Then comes an exit for a trade you're in that you decided to ignore leading to a bigger loss.

See a pattern here?

Following a strategy is hard because it's trading against who we are and what we think.
But, once we learn that, is when we start making the sweet gains!!!