1. Focus on the process

The money will come. Stop worrying about how much money you made today

Focus on how much work you're putting in
How many hours are you studying charts?
How many trades did you take in demo?
How many days/weeks did you trade with a small trade size to learn the BTI method and learn more about yourself?

Inputs > Outputs

2. Journal your trades!

I didn't start doing this until about a year in of trading.
You'll learn a lot about how you can improve and stop yourself from making the same mistakes

3. Listen to others

Don't be listening to the random on Twitter who just started out

But if someone with experience and a professional in their field gives you advice...
take it.
They know something you don't.

That's why you've joined the BTI community also, to try a trading method made by real traders

4. Stop Full Porting

Trading is not a get rich quick business.
It will take time.

Even with a $500 account, learn to use risk management and the money will come

5. Focus on one

Although learning everything over the years has helped..

I would have been successful much faster had I stuck to one process (day vs swing, penny vs options, etc.)

Strategy hopping only leads to more losses

6. Less is more

Stop searching for trades

Once you start scrolling through your watchlist looking for a setup, you've lost.
Let the trade come to you.

Set alerts when the charts setup for your strategy

7. Find a hobby

If trading is your life, you'll fail.

You need to be able to step away from the screens and not be addicted to trading
Find something you can do to stop you from over trading

8. Network!

We're a large community of traders
DM the other members or use our discord to share your trades and trading experience + learn from the other members.

9. Focus on yourself

There will be people you know who started later than you and are more successful
It's frustrating.

But if you stay in your lane, you'll be unstoppable.