Many times we use acronyms. They're well-known

Most commonly used

  • BTI: Best Trading Indicator
  • SE: Short Entry
  • LE: Long Entry
  • TV: TradingView
  • SL: Stop-Loss
  • TP: Take Profit
  • S/R: Supports or Resistances
  • BE: Breakeven (also known as Entry Price)
  • SL/BE: Stop Loss moved to the Breakeven price
  • MTF: Multi-Timeframe
  • SMA: Simple Moving Average
  • EMA: Exponential Moving Average
  • BB: Bollinger Bands
  • ICH: Ichimoku
  • DD: Drawdown
  • HH: Higher Highs
  • LL: Lower Lows
  • MACD: Moving Average Convergence Divergence
  • TTS: Trailing Stop
  • TTP: Trailing Profit
  • R/R: Risk/Reward
  • EMA 20/50: EMA 20 crosses over EMA 50
  • EMA 50/20: EMA 20 crosses under EMA 50 (EMA 50 crosses over EMA 20)
  • FX: Forex
  • ROI: Return on Investment: How much money you are making (or losing).
  • OTC: Over-the-counter
  • All-Time High (ATH): The highest price ever recorded!
  • All-Time Low (ATL): The lowest price ever recorded.

Crypto specifics

  • FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO): The emotion you feel when you panic buy.
  • FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD): Spreading of fear and misinformation to gain an advantage.
  • HODL: Buy and hold on to it for a long time!
  • BUIDL: Keep your head down and build the next financial system.
  • SAFU: Funds are safe!
  • Do Your Own Research (DYOR): Don't trust, verify.
  • Due Diligence (DD): Smart people make decisions based on facts.
  • Anti Money Laundering (AML): Regulations that prevent criminals from hiding their money.
  • Know Your Customer (KYC): Regulations that make exchanges verify your identity.
  • REKT: What no one in my community will never become

BTI specifics

  • BTI: Best Trading Indicator
  • HR: High Rewards
  • SHR: Super High Rewards
  • BHR: Best High Rewards

Pips, Points, Ticks

Definitions are available on that page


  • NFP: stands for “Non-Farm Payrolls” and is reported together with the average hourly earnings and the unemployment rate on the first Friday each month. This is a US report.

  • ECB speech: European Central Bank

  • FED speech


  • Fed: Federal Reserve – The central bank of the United States, in charge of the country’s monetary policy.
    The Fed follows inflation rates, labor statistics, and economic growth to make interest rate decisions.

  • ECB: European Central Bank. The central bank of the eurozone and the body responsible for monetary policy in the euro area.