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Pricing plans and indicator This framework is offered to our PREMIUM subscribers. More info on our Pricing Plans and Guides GBP pairs First, the GBP pairs which have been performing in recent days: $GBPCAD which gave 280 points with our Algobuilder, $GBPCHF for 280 points and $GBPZAR for more than 2% Let's continue with other assets Let's take a look at the dollar index $DJCFD, the $USOIL which has given 160 points in recent days and the natural gas $NGAS which has given 120 points We end with the last 3 instruments $NZDJPY which gave 90 points with our framework, $AUDNZD 50 points and $XCUUSD Copper 1.3%. Good weekend everyone and Merry Christmas.😘😘

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