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  • Review of previous trade setups and how I analyze a setup based on my current PnL for the day/week/month

  • How much I made/loss for the day/week/month changes a lot of things in the way I approach a trade

  • I removed the helpers from the Algo Builders versions 5.2
    I still look if the pullback happens on signal candle but not only. I look also at S/R near or not, leading trend color, etc
    If I identify too many risks, I'd probably wait for a pullback anyway

Gems from the coaching

1) As a general rule, even though it looks bullish or bearish, if we hit a S/R for the first time, assuming I entered with a pullback or far from the next S/R, I prefer SL/BE (or TP if I'm happy with the profit) to not get trapped by a reverse.

In a setup giving an entry near a strong S/R, entering with a pullback past allows me to:

  • set a SL/BE a bit before we hit the S/R
  • have that SL/BE (hopefully) a bit far from the S/R - reducing my risk of getting stopped-out

The pullback past the black EMA is here to:

  • protect your entry
  • giving you a better exit in case of hard exit (= smaller loss)
  • giving more chance to your trade for not getting stopped-out at breakeven

2) Another general rule, the fibo zone size/the SMA or pivot timeframe/SMA length/number of times we hit it recently tells me how urgent is it to protect my position

As said during the coaching yesterday, probably half of my SL/BE will get hit and as weird as it seems that's normal - probably why the only hedge is to trade 2 indices

I cannot predict the future. But I can know why it could go against me and how violent it could be

The first hit on an S/R is violent.
A hit on a weekly will be more violent than a daily. Monthly more violent than a weekly.

A hit on an S/R after a big move is likely to be violent. To that you add the S/R timeframe component.

Does that means you can trade the reverse without a signal?
I think you know the answer :) All the reverse traders taking the reverses without a signals lose their capital

I'm talking about a take-profit strategy here - not a reverse strategy

When we hit a daily a few times before, I'll probably be more flexible if the setup is super bullish and bearish and won't SL/BE on the S/R.

That's how I approach things in trading with those S/Rs. Took me years to find that. This concept works with any trading system

Supports and resistances scripts are cool on tradingview.
But we found a way to give them meaning and probability of reverse.

3) Another takeaway from yesterday
Don't look on which S/R the DOW is to trade the DAX or vice-versa
I only look at the direction (aka if both are trending down or up overall)
If you look at the other indices S/R to trade another indice, you'll never take a trade. I don't do it because I tried and came to the conclusion it's not working

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