• I'm going to cover the Indices here only

  • Goal of 150 pips a day with Indices

  • Using trades from a conservative trader perspective

  • Starting my trading day at 6:30 am UTC+1 (meaning I wake up at 5 am)

  • Ending my trading day at most at 7 pm UTC+1

  • Remember that I take my profit a bit before the supports/resistances; not right on them

  • I'm trading a mix of 1 min/2 min/5 min and even SWING timeframes for Indices

  • Entering at pullback near for my SHR/BHR whenever I'm facing a support/resistance

  • Reminder: Only the first SHR/BHR of each trend is accepted.
    Fro the second one, we have to re-enter using a different timeframe - preferably a lower timeframe for a more accurate entry

  • Each image below can be enlarged on a click

Position Sizing

  • I trade the BHR/SHR setups
  • I skip the rest as a conservative trader




2 minutes

The first SHR here was at ... 5 pm (patience was needed)
Though entering using a different timeframe on an SHR/BHR is always allowed

US30 m2


2 minutes

Part 1)

GER30 m2

Part 2)

I stopped trading DAX past 3 pm UTC+1
When the next SHR/BHR signal appeared at 5:50 pm UTC+1. I was already in the DOW and a few other (non-indices) trades


SHR/BHR gives a few signals but they're more secured than the others
The others are very valid too and I obviously trade them
Though, I prefer new BTI subscribers to gain enough trading experience with us before trading them