• I'm going to cover the Indices here only

  • Goal of 150 pips a day with Indices

  • Using trades from a conservative trader perspective

  • Starting my trading day at 6:30 am UTC+1 (meaning I wake up at 5 am)

  • Remember that I take my profit a bit before the supports/resistances; not right on them

  • I'm trading a mix of 1 min/2 min/5 min and even SWING timeframes for Indices

  • Entering at pullback near for my SHR/BHR whenever I'm facing a support/resistance

  • Each image below can be enlarged on a click

Position Sizing

  • I trade the BHR/SHR setups

  • I skip the rest as a conservative trader



US30 2 minutes

US30 2 minutes

Let's note the DOW trades were enough to cover my 150 pips goal.
But I couldn't have known that at the beginning of the day - that's why I'm constantly trading/monitoring multiple assets

GER30 2 minutes

GER30 2 minutes

DEFIPERP 2 minutes

DEFIPERP 2 minutes