Intraday trading from your phone

Why you must not do it

Intraday trading on a Friday night

🔸 Dumb and stupid move right here

🔸 You'll end up being stressed out the whole weekend and gets rewarded with a gap in the opposite direction

During weekends

🔸 Yes, crypto is opened 24/24 7/7 but do you really believe whales/funds/banks are trading during weekends?

🔸 We allow crypto trading during the weekend but, with reduced position sizing as the moves are often erratics, dangerous, fakes and based on rumors

A few hours before a major bank holiday

🔸 New Year's Eve, Christmas, Thanksgiving, ...

🔸 Any volume during bank holidays is very likely to be fake and reversed too quickly.

🔸 Erratic moves, small potential profit, huge risk. I'm out of this sh*t :)

Indices: A few minutes before or during a major announcement

🔸 Events such as FED, ECB, DOW CASH OPEN, DAX CASH OPEN, ...

🔸 Just don't. Thank you :)

🔸 Dumb move with chasing stops kind of candles


🔸 If it's dangerous for manual trading, you can bet it's 3 times riskier with 100% automated bots for any of the events mentioned above

🔸 YES, plugging a bot on crypto during the weekend is dangerous. Prove me wrong :)