Who can access the script?

The backtester is available for:

  • Subscription: the VIP 12 subscribers for a 12 months rolling period

  • Standalone Indicators: as a one-time payment using credit-debit card or Paypal or Bitcoin
    Same script, payment in one time only and access is granted forever

For those interested, you may purchase it on the website store

This backtest is powerful if used in a smart way

Please have a look at our Backtest versus Reality article highlighting our explicit point of view.

Connect your indicator to the backtester

Full tutorial on our website for now

Backtest results

Data window

You can see the data using the TradingView data window interface.

You can learn here how to use it and which metrics we enabled.

The tool looks like the image below


Export the data to Excel

Exporting the data to Excel and making some ad-hoc analysis is also fairly simple

We made a quick 3 min video tutorial on Youtube