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Safe modes

Mar 26, 2020 - 11:41 AM

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  • @daveatt I meant this feature but with an extra box Against trendcolor, just to have the option to do it manually.

  • Hi @andersjensen

    Did you see this option already?

    This allows to enable entry on pullback but regardless of the leading trend color

    I think it's better to do it regardless because we also need to pullback when facing a support or resistance





    Dave - Helping traders becoming the best version of themselves
  • I was actually thinking about this too today. Maybe not doing it automatically as artfuldodger suggest, but instead having an option to choose, eg. a checkbox.

  • Hi @artfuldodger

    This what I did for the previous versions of the Algo builders
    I decided to make it more generic and allow pullback regardless of the leading trend

    Because we have to also decide on the pullback whenever we're facing near supports and resistances

    What do you think?


    Dave - Helping traders becoming the best version of themselves
  • Hi Dave, would it be possible for the Algos to have the option to automatically turn the safe mode on or off depending on the leading trend? For example, safe mode is enabled when there is a signal which is against the leading trend, and disabled when the signal is aligned with the leading trend? Thoughts? Muchas gracias jefe.