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How to retrieve the "Max Opportunity" number on a given day with "Best Algo Indices"?

Mar 25, 2020 - 3:25 PM

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  • Hi @rikuhikkake

    I included that metric in the Backtester

    I'll make a video next week to show how to use it

    For the time being, we made a while back a pretty introductory Youtube video showing how you can connect your Algo framework to the Backtester


    The Youtube Videos shows how to mouseover your cursor and get real-time updated statistics

    The new metric is called Sum MAX Profitability ALL Trades and be reached as per the image below.

    In the backtest configuration, for calculating it for 1 day only you should do configure with ALL the steps below:

    • Select Date Range Filtering and set a beginning and end date
      For example, calculating only for March 27th, 2020, set beginning AND end dates to be March 27th, 2020

    • selecting Close on External Signal (+1/-1)
      The way to use the external stop loss from the Algo framework being the hard exit signal

    • also selecting Close on opposite
      Forces the backtest to close a position whenever a signal in the opposite direction triggers

    • set show Entry Stop loss = 50%
      Selecting a huge one on purpose so that the exit will be based on the brown vertical bars being the hard exits

    Sum MAX Profitability ALL Trades

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    Dave - Helping traders becoming the best version of themselves
  • @daveatt , I would like to compute the efficiency of my trading performance and I would need to be able to retrieve the max opportunity on a given day.

    More specifically, I would need to be able to ask, what is the max opportunity for the signal on March 19th at 9 am on Dax indice with the Best Algo Indices m1 for example.

    I would use that to track how well I take profit based on how much I
    harvested compared to the max opportunity given on a signal.

    I could do it manually I suppose going back in time in the chart but it will be great to have that feature anyway.

    For example: If I harvested 50 pips on 300 pips max opportunity.
    My efficiency will be 50/300 = 16%.



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