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EMA20 and Clouds

Mar 20, 2020 - 10:36 AM

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  • Hey @alessandrofarinella

    I understand why you're asking for it
    We already considered this idea weeks ago.

    My concern is exactly the same as those asking for a specific pullback level threshold
    Sometimes it works, and sometimes when it doesn't work, it's extremely painful

    And that pain is really felt during ranging markets.
    I know right now everything is volatile so your idea looks very sensible when looking at the charts.

    But in some scenarios, you'd have to accept big losses:

    • market ranges (I have no doubt normal market conditions will resume at some point where 90% of the time we see ranges)

    • violent moves giving the pullback way too late

    What do you think about what I just said?


  • I would like to have an alert when ema20 completely crosses over upper cloud and when it crosses under lower cloud. Even the possibility to set how many pips difference should reach after crosses (i.e. 10 pips treshold above cloud).