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ATR based Stops and TPs in the Algos

Mar 7, 2020 - 10:38 PM

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  • @artfuldodger

    Not the hard exit we're using for the frameworks
    This one we reserve it for the Premium subscribers
    As we're also selling the Standalone as one-time payments, we removed it

    Though, we included hard exits options based on MACD/RSI divergence/... for you to play with those


    Dave - Helping traders becoming the best version of themselves
  • Thank you. Does the stand alone include the hard exits for SL?

  • Hi @artfuldodger

    Inside the Algos frameworks, this isn't possible because we want you to TP on the SMAs and Pivots and based on your goals
    ATR isn't part of our method

    That's why we included the SL ATR Multiple and TP ATR Multiple only in the Standalone Trade Manager

    I don't recommend using the TP ATR with our trading method
    But if you do, you can:

    1) deactivate (uncheck) the trade manager from the algorithm builder framework

    2) Connect your Trade Manager Standalone to the Algo Builder framework
    They're natively compatible
    In your Trade Manager Standalone, you can select the Plug and Play emoji connector from the Algorithm Builder framework

    3) Configure your Trade Manager Standalone with the options you like

    Best regards


    Dave - Helping traders becoming the best version of themselves
  • Hi Dave, not sure how to use the Trade Manager stand alone alongside the Algos. I am wanting a TP based on ATR which is only available in the standalone and I want to keep the hard exits from the Algo. Please advise if this is possible?

  • Hi @rogernowell

    I'm trying to only develop features that will benefit the community as a whole

    Could you please convince me that your idea cannot be simulated by the ATR multiples already available in the trade manager standalone?

    Because otherwise seems to be an idea only useful for you and then too custom

    Kind regards


    Dave - Helping traders becoming the best version of themselves
  • Hi Dave, could ATR based stops and TPs be included within the Algos?