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Is there a possibility to add additional jump-in signals within same trend?

Jan 28, 2020 - 3:48 PM

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  • Quick addition
    We conducted some analyses of your re-entry idea.

    Here are our conclusions (won't surprise you I think)

    1 - re-entries look always nice in a strong trending market. But during ranges, it's REKT and gives IT ALL BACK times

    2 - To re-enter on a missed m30 Universal/H1 opportunities, you can use the m5 crypto for instance.
    If you see that the m5 trend/leading trend has the same color than the m30 trend/leading trend - means it's a better probability trade than usual

    3 - the m5 crypto and m1 indices give enough opportunities daily.
    As said above, adding more signals will end up with the inevitable conclusion of wrecking yourself during times of low volatility.

    4 - so if I read between the lines in your question (because I had the same multiple times) - how to deal with the frustration of getting invalidated or missing out on an opportunity?
    We talk about that in the private website forum: settings the alerts and trading multiple assets

    Diversifying in terms of the traded asset and asset classes is a wonderful hedge.
    W.Buffett said: diversification is a protection against ignorance.
    I know he's talking about investing and not trading... ^ but that goes with our philosophy.


    Dave - Helping traders becoming the best version of themselves
  • But during ranges, that would enter/exit a lot for nothing => more hard exits => still low but regardless more losses adding up.

    Adding re-entries would completely change the algorithm. This will end up not working at all in the end.

    2/ In the private website forum, I said that's the best would be to use the hard exits for the stop-loss levels on crypto/stocks/forex/commodities. We haven't found better
    Your SL got hit (on that screenshot) because too loose - whereas our hard exit signal didn't trigger as you can see

    An important part to keep in mind from the URL above
    :small_orange_diamond: What to do if stopped out?

    3/ A way to NOT be frustrated by getting stopped out too soon (if using your own trailing stop level) is to trade multiple assets in parallel
    There is no other way around that in trading. Trading more than 1 asset is a wonderful hedge

    4/ and choosing a trailing SL looser (but out recommendation is the hard exit anyway)

    5/ another alternative requires some time and work
    Using the Algo Multiple trends to make your system yourself where you'll select which indicators and which inputs are best for your trading.
    This allows us to adds more re-entries.

    Important note: Mixing the algo multiple trends (or any other method) with our algo crypto won't work.
    Please make sure to use 1 algo per timeframe and asset.
    Using the algo multiple trends and algo crypto in parallel on ETH/USD m5 won't end well. It will look certainly fantastic during periods of high volatility.
    But traders get rekt during a period of ranges - which accounts sometimes for a vast piece of trading sessions


    Dave - Helping traders becoming the best version of themselves
  • (between your buy/sell signal and hard stop) if you accidentally stop-loss because of wicks or trailing s/l settings? So you set up other alerts with re-buy or re-sells?


    Dave - Helping traders becoming the best version of themselves