$100,000 today


$10,000 every week?

Becoming a successful trader revolves around 1 thing.


Here's how to be a consistently profitable trader:

Consistency starts with one thing:


If you have no strategy, you will have no consistency
But not just any strategy...

Your strategy needs to be CLEARLY DEFINED

Meaning you have criteria for:

  • Entries
  • Hard Exit
  • Targets based on algorithmic supports/resistances

And for options...
You also need specific criteria on which options to get for which setup
The more specific you are the better

If someone asks what your strategy is you should be able to talk for 20 mins.
Not just say, Supply and Demand or Opening Range Breakout

Consistency just means you have a repeatable process
Repeatable process = less emotions
Less emotions = more consistency :)
Hence, why we created Best Trading Indicator, to force you guys to be less emotional and more consistent

You also need to be consistent with your risk
As in risk the SAME amount per trade
Relative to your account size
Of course, you'll learn with our course when to bet more for high-reward trades and when to reduce your position size when trading against the main trend


To summarize:

  • Have a strategy that's clearly defined

  • Risk the same amount of $ per trade and risk bigger when the setups may give a very high reward

  • Have a repeatable process you can count on everyday to trade with