It took me about 3.5 years before I became a full-time trader...

So here's when I'd recommend it's time to drop the 9-5: 🧵

Everyone is different.

Some people want to quit their job as soon as they make $10k.

Others want to wait a year to prove their consistency.

There are 2 things I'd recommend:

1. Cash

You should have a decent amount of cash saved up
My number is 1.5x your salary
Not in stocks/investments

This is because trading is a wild game
You can think you're successful and then get blown out of the water
Having a lot of cash saved up will not only keep you protected in case you blow up...
But will also help you mentally and not feel like you need to force trades

2. Consistency

Trading is all about consistency
Everyone can make money from it
But being able to make money every month for a year is something else

It's best to have 6 months to a year of being profitable every month before going full-time.
In some cases, you could quit earlier.
But only if you have... a consistent process/strategy that works
One that is PROVEN to be profitable time and time again

Trading for a living

Once you treat trading like a business and have a written down process for your strategy
Then you'll be set.

One last thing to mention:

Trading for a living is mentally challenging in the beginning
I would be lying if I said it was hard the first few months
I was forcing trades left and right
But over time, things started to settle

Trading is unlike any other job
You'll make money one week, and lose money the next
The key concept that kept me going was having trust in my strategy

Knowing that my trading strategy works allowed me to stay calm after losing money
I knew if I just stayed true to my process/system, it would work out in the end

Make sure you're mentally ready before taking that leap
It's always better to wait then to force yourself