You're trading at a disadvantage without a proper mindset
Here's how I get mentally prepared to trade each day: 🧵

Trading stars with your body

Recognise that everything in your life connects to trading

That means if you want to be disciplined in trading


  • Eating well
  • Working out daily
  • Drinking a gallon of water a day - drinking more tends to make me eat less junk food
  • Getting 7h+ sleep

Those things will translate into high-quality trading as well as put you in the right mindset

But let's dive into my early morning mindset routine👇

My mindset routine

I have a list of manifestations that I read OUT LOUD every morning

Yeah it may sound stupid

But it literally works

Here's some of what I say:

  • David is going to CONQUER this day

  • Sticking to his traits of patience and discipline, David will not let emotions get the best of him

  • His drive and work ethic will cause him to get ALL of his goals done, no matter what

You can make them trading specific or just about life in general
I mix in both.

The next important key to having the right mindset is Preparation.

If you are prepared every morning with a plan... you'll have a lot more confidence coming into the market.

The last thing I do to get in the right mindset is put on music

This can be a hit or miss but personally, I love trading while listening to music

Maybe I should drop my trading playlist? :)

Final words

To Summarise:

  • Make manifestations and read out loud every day

  • Have a pre-market routine

  • Jam out to some music