I'm a professional Pine programmer we know and endorse.
I have an excellent reputation for providing high-quality, paid, custom-coding services in Pine.

Your business transactions with them involve only you and myself.

TradingView will not engage in your relationship with the programmers, and we do not benefit from your business with them. We provide this information as a courtesy to our users.

Your Project

If you have a project:

  • Start by writing down a clear and complete description of your project.
    The better your description, the fewer chances you will suffer cost overruns because of changes you make to requirements as development proceeds.

  • Send me a private message with your project description and any other requirements.

  • I will tell you if he is available and how things will proceed from there.
    Some programmers will give you a fixed price for the project. Others will provide an estimate of the number of hours and an hourly rate. Expect to pay everything upfront.

Trying to negotiate unreasonable prices with them will not be to your advantage, as they will simply choose to work with other customers.

I will code the logic that you dictate. While I will ensure your script performs according to your documented requirements, they are in no way responsible for the profitability of the strategies I code. That responsibility is entirely yours.