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Algorithm Builder - Multiple Trends

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πŸ‘ Ideal for: ALL traders

⌚ Ideal for: ALL timeframes

🏷️ Generic script mixing multiple selected indicators and get BUY/SELL visual signals and alerts.

🎯 We made it possible for anyone to become a Professional Quant Trader designing his/her own system in a few clicks only.

πŸ€– Dynamic alerts on entries and exits for trading automation

πŸ’‘ This version will fit more advanced traders willing to take multiple trades per trend

πŸ”” Dynamic alerts on entries and exits
Forward the alerts to your third-party automation software for automated trading

πŸ“š Complete guide available here

Discord forum More info available in our Discord forum

We made it easy.
The concept is to select the indicators you with clicks only and see in less than 1 minute if the generated make sense or not.
The Algorithm Builder standalone indicators are made for not having any coding to do, and only selecting-unselecting the sub-indicators you like

This is a more advanced version than the Stadalone Algorithm Builder Single Trend
You can configure a PRIMARY trend, and a SCONDARY smaller trend taking all trades in the same direction than your PRIMARY trend.
In other words, a powerful tool to detect strong convergences and trade the additional entries

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