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Algorithm Builder CRYPTO
Algorithm Builder CRYPTO

Algorithm Builder CRYPTO

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🛎️ Included in the PREMIUM 3 MONTHS plan.

The Algorithm Builder (Crypto) has been and co-invented by 2 confirmed traders specialized in Cryptocurrencies trading.

We use the framework to trade big and mid-caps cryptocurrencies. The system is constantly being improved to adjust to new market conditions.
Our subscribers are updated automatically whenever they'll need to update the framework on their end - and enjoying the new features.

Entries  Entries

⛔    Stop-loss

🎯    Take Profits

❌    Hard Exits

📊     Risk-to-Reward Panel

💰     Profit and Losses Panel

🔔     Alerts on entries, exits, and Trade Manager events (Stop-Loss, Take Profits, Hard Exits). Compatible with TradingView dynamic alerts to trigger automated trades.


💬     More info available in our Discord forum