[Tutorial][General] List of indicators used in the Best Trading Indicator methods


We're not licencied financial advisors. That's why we're only here sharing trading scripts based on our own trading methods. Sharing some trading scripts and a trading method doesn't mean we're giving you explicit financial recommendations. Please read our Disclaimer entirely before reading the content below.

One's doesn't need fancy indicators to get decent performance in trading

We're not saying that using simple indicators will assure you either an easy path to litteraly "print money"
But as a rule of thumbs, the simplier the better.

We worked with many traders during our career and the feedback is always the same. We all try a lot of complicated indicators, losing our capital and finally getting back to the basics (even to the basic indicators if we might say)
The art is finding a good indicators combination and setting strict money/risk management rules. Easy in concept, but more than 95+% of traders lose money on the markets... which tell us that trading is not only about drawing trendlines or using cool indicators but finding ways to ease our psychology while trading.

We don't say our method is the best at all. We say however that, we've been trading with it and with those scripts for the past 5 years - we never changed our way of trading since then. Trading with an algorithmic method allows to remove the "noise" from the market (or Twitter ^^) and gives a framework to ease one's psychology