If you're on a Mac, use the option key ⌥: instead of Alt

General chart shortcuts

Syntax Description
Open the script window /
Load a chart layout . (dot)
Save the current chart layout Ctrl +S
Change the chart's symbol Start typing, which brings up a symbol search window
Change interval Press , (comma) or start typing the first digit for minute charts or the first letter of the word for longer resolutions. Examples are 1, 5, 30, 60, 1440, H, 4H, 6H, D, 5D, W, 3M
Create an alert on the current instrument Alt + A
Add a text note for current instrument Alt + N
Take a snapshot image of the chart Alt + S
Reset the chart's zoom Alt + R
Invert the price scale of the chart's instrument Alt + I
Add the chart's current instrument to the watchlist Alt + W
Open the ‘Publish Idea’ window Alt + P
Undo the most recent chart action Ctrl + Z
Redo the most recent chart action Ctrl + Y
Cancel operation, undo a selection, close window Esc
Open a Log chart Alt + L
Go to a specific date on the chart Alt + P

Zooming hotkeys

Syntax Description
Zoom in on the chart Scrollwheel up or click on the price axis and drag the mouse to the left
Zoom out on the chart Scrollwheel down or click on the price axis and drag the mouse to the right
Reset the spacing between bars Double-click on the time axis
Compress price scale Click (and hold) on the price axis and drag the mouse down
Extend price scale Click (and hold) on the price axis and move the mouse up
Reset price scale Double-click on the price axis
Open a Percent chart Alt + D

Chart movements keys

Syntax Description
Move chart 1 bar to the left
Move chart 1 bar to the right
Move further to the left Ctrl + ←
Move further to the right Ctrl + →
Go to a specific date Alt + G
Scroll through the chart Click with the left mouse button on the chart and drag mouse

Script hotkeys

Syntax Description
Jump to the next occurrence of the selected text Ctrl + K
Select all instances of the selected text Crtl + Alt + K

Chart trading shortcuts

Syntax Description
Place market order to buy Shift + B
Place market order to sell Shift + S

General drawing shortcuts

Syntax Description
Measure tool Hold Shift and click on the chart
Copy selected drawing Ctrl + C
Paste copied drawing Ctrl + V
Clone a drawing Hold Ctrl and drag the mouse
Select multiple drawings Hold Ctrl and click to select each individual drawing
Move a drawing horizontally or vertically Drag with mouse + Shift
Cancel making a drawing, undo selecting a drawing Esc


You can now quickly and conveniently control playback from the keyboard, without having to use your mouse or trackpad.

Syntax Description
Start of stop Playback Shift + ↓
Move one step forward Shift + →


Syntax Description
Snap a picture of your chart Alt + S


Syntax Description
Add symbol to your whatchlist Alt + W


Syntax Description
Start a new note Alt + N