🔸What most of all successful people have in common?
They're healthy. Because living a healthy life is the minimum required to have a high-performing body => healthy mind => minimum required for trading effectively

🔸 My hacks?

I know it tastes good and not like something killing us. However, you' ll feel the upgrade of your body/mind instantaneously after 1-2 days of cutting out that crap.
100% guaranteed.

  • Diet I tried low-carbs, Keto (70%+ of high-quality fat) and carnivore. They all work and had tremendous impacts on my life. Their common point is that they cut the carbs. Carbs = sugar = bread/sweets/processed foods/cakes/everything you know you shouldn't eat => poison.

Low carbs/Keto and Carnivore Diet

It's not hard at all to do. Your body will crave a bit of sugar at the beginner (first day or first two days), then the craving will be gone and your mind will be free.
Free of thinking about food when working, with friends, and enjoying more the present moment... overall being more focused.

  • Trying to eat whole foods as often as I can
    Processed food contains plenty of chemical products. They're dangerous as killing the bacteria in our gut
    A poor-functioning gut impacts our sleep and brain very negatively

  • Gym
    Gym is the way of telling your body what to do with the nutriments. Eating crap and going to the gym basically tells your cells to ingest that poor-quality food faster.
    Eating better quality food and going to the gym is the best trade of my LIFE.
    I try to do very intense training but 30/40 min only

  • Meditate when I wake up (5/10 min) using the
    Headspace app

  • Aiming for at least 6 hours of sleep. (I compensate with micro-naps whenever I can)

🔸 Cool.. but what this has to do with trading?

It's not guaranteed to improve your trading but ... will improve your life 100%.
I'm doing it and I forced everyone I could to follow this new lifestyle. It's like feeling constantly young, strong, awake, happy (huge impact on mood) and dominating our world.
This is an immense hedge for your trading and life.