Our Stocks Trading system available in a few weeks

Pricing plans and indicator

We're working on the Algorithm Builder for Stocks trading. Will use a high timeframe like 30-minutes or H1 (hourly).

We're still in the testing phase but should be ready to release it beginning of January.

A little stocks market review at the end of 2019

  • $HEXO 28% decrease after a short signal
  • $SBUX 5.75% increase after the buy signal
  • $PTI 467% increase then 57% decrease 
A little stocks market review at the end of 2019


I thought that was a crypto altcoin. The Tilray CEO was bragging about the stock a year ago. That's the proof of an efficient market. What's over-hyped finished by getting to its true value.


NASDAQ Biotechnology stocks

We're testing the new stocks framework on penny stocks and also biotech ones. The stock category doesn't matter much actually. What matters is the volatility.

We work hard to build a system that loses small after invalidated and get most of the opportunities

NASDAQ Biotechnology Components with Algobuilder signals


Ironwood stock.

Other Nasdaq BI stocks


Adverum Biotechnologies

LAST Nasdaq BI stocks revew for today

Twitter only talking about ITCI

My whole feed is about ITCI making a 4X. It requires some courage to hold a trade like that for 5 weeks. Well done to those who got on

Twitter only talking about ITCI

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