Day Trading Cryptocurrency Strategy


Before jumping into crypto, let's cover what happened on INDICES/INDEX today


The Algorithm Builder doesn't mind the Non-Farm Payroll. We learnt early to not trade around big and major announcements but once again, when the engine says we should go, then... we must not listen to what we think should happen but only to our algo builder signals/charts.

US30 and NFP

New Algorithm Builder INDICES

We just rolled out the new upgraded version. We're pretty happy about it and gives more than very satisfying signals and results.


Same with the Algo Builder Crypto.
We improved the signals given on Binance. The trading engine on TradingView did an amazing job on Friday. See by yourself just below with that impressive move on Bitcoin

bitcoin long move

The cryptocurrencies signals are available to our subscribers and have been backtested for months on Bitmex and Binance.
No need to HODL bitcoin anymore ^^ we can know ALGO trading it

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