Bitcoin trading tips


We know the frustration to wait hours before a move to finally happen. But, we also know how pleasant that is to be positioned in a trade before a gigantic candlestick appears.

We don't know what's the fundamental reason of that candlestick ... but it was on an SMA weekly support and we got an Algorithm Builder signal. That's it ... we don't need to know if a good news happened because the reality is... it does not matter as a chart is sufficient enough

BTC giant candlestick

Quick hacks

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There a few strategies to trade altcoins - to complement the algorithm builder crypto signals.

1) Looking at volume for altcoins and selecting the ones with big volume variations
2) Monitoring the news/twitter accounts talking about altcoins.

In our opinion both of those methods add tons of useless noise but... if used whenever we get an algo builder crypto signal to confirm the probability a trade will move stronger.... it could actually be a great idea

Example below with MATIC where we noticed a big inflow of volume before the price pump


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